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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  November 10, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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((walter ahead this hour on good day: protests break out in several cities - against president-elect trump. including one - in our own backyard. ((jen plus... the president and the president ?elect prepare for their first face-to-face meeting since the election. but thats not the ?only big meeting happening today at the white house. ((walter and, here at home: a man with a gun, who just ?keeps robbing bay area businesses. how you can help bring his crime spree to an end. ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. those stories in a minute, but now, a first look at your
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a developing story out west this morning: ?five people have been shot in downtown seattle. one of them is ?critically wounded. it happened about six hours ago, right near an anti-donald trump rally. right now, police don't believe the shooting was ?related to the protests. they say a group was arguing and one person pulled out a gun and shot into the crowd. four men and one woman were hit. they range in age from 20 to 50. police are still looking for
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drew about two ?thousand people last night. and it was one of ?many protests all across the country. tens of thousands of protesters flooded the streets of new york... philadelphia... chicago... los angeles... and other cities... some right in front of trump's skyscrapers. many blocking interstate traffic... carrying signs and shouting that trump is ?not their president. so far, it's all been peaceful... and no confrontations with the police. and there ?is some damage being reported from a protest in oakland, california. about six ?thousand protestors gathered their overnight. one man started spray painting a business, others started smashing windows. and they even started some fires in the street. and most disturbing... one of the things being set on fire in these rallies... the american flag. the protests spread to tampa bay as well. a small
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chanting. the woman who organized the event says she was stunned by the offensive and racist words she heard from co-workers, regarding the election. and, she wanted to do something about it: several tampa several tampa police officers followed the group as they walked down the street... toak the protest was peaceful, despite threats of violence the group received on facebook. and all the protests won't stop president-elect trump from getting to ?work today. he's visiting his ?future home. trump is scheduled to meet with president obama, at the white house this morning. trump will meet with president obama in the oval office to go over the transition process. on wednesday, white house press secretary josh earnest admitted... that he can't guarantee it will be an ?easy meeting. and at the same
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lady... melania trump... will also have a meeting at the white house, with ?current first lady, michelle obama. president-elect, donald trump is ?already entitled to the same ?daily intelligence briefing as president obama. but it's unclear if he'll get those today. trump also began talks with foreign leaders wednesday, including a call with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. trump invited him to the u-s after he's inaugurated. he also had a call with the president of mexico, who described it as a cordial conversation. and then there's the question of who will join president-elect cabinet. a few names are ?expected to be on the short list. including newt gingrich... who could be in line for "secretary of state." rudy giuliani is expected to be the frontrunner for attorney general. chris christie could also be up for that job... or something else in the justice department. christie is ?already heading up trumps' transition team. and retired three-star general michael flynn could be tapped as national security adviser. another name that's been rumored to be on trump's cabinet list... our governor,
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fox news channel's neil cavuto spoke with governor scott after the election. the governor compared himself to president elect trump.. saying they were both political outsiders.. who went against the establishment.. governor scott also criticized the affordable care act.. saying it's failed in many ways: governor scott said competition in the he industry.. is the best way to make healthcare more affordable. he also talked about states using federal funds to create a "safety net" for people who can't afford health insurance. new morning: an update on the murder of an 18-year-old girl. detectives say they've arrested her killer. fox 13's shayla reaves has been following this story for us from the beginning. she joins us live now from manatee county , with this update on
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a developing story in polk county this morning: police need your help... to find a ?serial robber. they believe the same man robbed at least ?four businesses in the lakeland area, in a little over a week. they say the spree started back on october 29th at the subway restaurant on socrum loop road. three days later, on november first... an exxon station on socrum loop was robbed. on november third, a marathon gas station on ?marcum road was hit. and last sunday, the x-y-z liquor store on highway 92 was robbed. detectives just released more than a dozen surveillance pictures of the robber in action. in every case, police believe a white or hispanic man wearing a baseball cap and a sweatshirt walked in, showed a gun, and demanded cash. he was spotted wearing both a braves hat ?and a tampa bay rays hat. he is also clean shaven. if you know him, or anything about the crimes, crimestoppers is offering a ten thousand dollar reward for info that leads to his arrest. an update on the death of a crossing guard in pinellas
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it happened tuesday afternoon, right outside mount vernon elementary in st. petersburg. "david roundrtree" was hit and killed by a car, just before school was letting out. police say 21-year-old charles walton was behind the wheel. walton had his first appearance in court wednesday charged with d-u-i manslaughter. his bond was raised from ten-thousand... to fifty-thousand dollars. a hillsborough county deputy will ?not face criminal charges, after shooting and killing a man while serving a warrant. a state attorney just determined tha justified. back on august 30th, deputy johnson shot and killed "levonia riggins." the deputy says he feared for his life, and only later learned that riggins was unarmed. deputy johnson remains on leave -- as the sheriff's office continues its ?own internal investigation. the wait is almost over cupcake fans. you'll soon be able to get your favorite sweet treat... from a vending machine!
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ready to reveal it's "cupcake a-t-m." the dispenser is actually what gave the nationwide bakery chain its claim to fame. but when the tampa location opened in april, the a-t-m was delayed by nearby construction projects. that will all change a week from today though. the a-t-m is set to be up and running next thursday, right outside the bakery. and it will stay open, 24-7. the a-t-m will be restocked three to five times a day to ensure the cupcakes have been baked within the last 24 hours. later this half hour: racing against the clock... to save a little boy. hundreds of people are trying to rescue him... from the bottom of a well. we have
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?finally some ?good news for the bucs? after the break: a look at which offensive star... is off and running again. plus: an ?amazing rendition of the national anthem... right before an nhl game last night. and it wasn't just one singer... it
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. ((walter)) time to talk get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. some sports this morning. and we begin with the bucs... who ?desperately need some ?good news. and it looks
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"doug martin" is finally back on the practice field! martin was on the field wednesday practicing in a limited capacity... but looks to be a real possibility this week at home against chicago. martin injured his hamstring in week 2 against arizona. then, he re- aggravated it a few weeks later. it's been a slow healing process, but assuming he stays on course... he should be carrying the ball this sunday. the bucs really need some consistency in that running game. they've had a different starting running back almost every ?week, since martin went out. the tampa bay lightning are back in action tonight at amalie arena, hosting the new york islanders. but they will ?still be without winger "jonathan drouin." he wasn't at practice yesterday and no timetable for his return. he's missed the last three games after taking a hit to the head back on november 1st.
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?also against the islanders. and finally... a much-needed show of american ?unity this morning. and it's all thanks to the n-h-l. last night, the st. louis blues were hosting the chicago blackhawks. and before the game, they brought a member of the navy on the ice, to sing the national anthem. but he only ?started it. he then had the entire ?arena...
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this was part of st. louis's veterans day celebrations. and the blues added the caption... "regardless of our differences in life or the teams we support, today we stand together to honor our nation's veterans." when we come back, i'll have another check on your thursday forecast. plus: a scare overnight on one college campus. why police in los
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((vanessa)) making headlines across america this morning: a shooting scare appears to be over... on a college campus in california. late last night, the l-a-p-d responded to "l-a valley college" after
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police got calls from students who say they heard gunshots. officers evacuated the entire campus out of precaution. the campus was also put on lockdown. after searching through every dorm room and campus building, police didn't find any evidence of a gunman. the school then lockdown was lifted, about three hours ago. the area was already on high alert... because of ant-trump protests gathering throughout the city. a georgia jury gets back to work for a third day of deliberations... trying to decide if a father ?int baby... by leaving him in a hot car in atlanta. justin ross harris says he forgot to take 22-month-old cooper to daycare back in 20-14... and his death was a tragic accident. but prosecutors say it was part of a plan to escape his family. yesterday... the jury asked to re-watch videos of harris being interviewed by police and talking to his then-wife. harris is facing 8 charges... including malice murder. another bizarre twist... in the case of an alleged
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wife of one of the ?victims.. is now facing charges. nichole carver is accused of impersonating a police officer. she reportedly did it.. to try to get information on her husband's disappearance. she was arrested and released on bond. carver's husband was one of several bodies found buried on "todd kohlhepp's" property. he's now behind bars facing kidnapping and ?multiple murder charges. and, on the other side of the world... crews in china are still working to rescue a six-year-old boy who has been stuck in an abandoned well. it'no well is more than one- hundred-and-thirty-feet deep... its only eleven inches wide, much too small for an adult. more than five hundred crewmembers are using excavators and digging machinery in the rescue effort. but crews have still not been able to reach the bottom. oxygen is being sent into the well -- but the boy's condition is unknown. still ahead in our next half hour: a winning hand, for the hard rock casino. why ?gamblers will be very happy with one judge's
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shayla reaves is ?live in manatee county with an update
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new morning: an update on the murder of an 18-year-old girl. detectives say they've finally found her killer. fox 13's shayla reaves joins us live now from manatee county , with


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